Gas Services for Home Owners

Similar to a Landlord safety certificate, a homeowner can have the complete installation of any property tested and checked to ensure that it is safe, maintained and complys with current building regulations and standards.

We will test the full operation of all your appliances, associated controls, flues and fittings and give you written evidence of their functionality.

This check can be combined with full servicing of all or some of your appliances giving you complete peace of mind. Safety Checks include:

  • A test on the integrity of your gas pipework
  • A check on the ventilation provision
  • Check on any appliances safety controls
  • Visual check of flues, flueways and terminals
  • A visual check on the flame pictures
  • Flue flow tests where applicable
  • Spillage tests on appliances
  • Operating pressures of appliances gas supplies
  • Gas rating of appliances
  • A check for compliance with current Building Regulations